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Our gummy florets feature soothing Indica-dominant terpenes as well as notes of all-natural turmeric, vanilla, and other curated spices.

THC2.5 MGPer Serving
CBD5 MGPer Serving
30Gummy Florets Per Package

Whether it’s to enhance your sense of well-being or take solace after a long day, we encourage you to practice self-care through our low-dose edibles.

Instructions: Take 1 gummy as needed. Wait up to two hours for full effect. Increase dose as desired.

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Dietary Information

No refined sugars, lightly sweetened with agave nectar
No artificial colors or flavors, colored with fruit and vegetable juice
Premium extracts
Organically-sourced ingredients, where possible
Pure cannabis cannabinoids
I keep the beautiful tin on my bedside table for those times when I just want a little relief from a long day. The CBD helps relax my body and the low dose doesn’t overwhelm me. This and a cup of hot tea…pure bliss.

Lynn J.

Financial Consultant

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