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Self-Care Collection

Inspired by the word lux, which is Latin for light, Luxley edibles offer a little levity to your daily grind. Whether it’s to calm your overworked mind or get sleep after a long day, we encourage you to practice self-care through our low-dose edibles.

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Clean Ingredients

Luxley edibles are expertly crafted from all-natural ingredients without the use of refined sugars or artificial additives.

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3 Women.
3 Different Stories.

Each having witnessed the benefits of legal cannabis, the founders of Luxley wanted to create a trustworthy brand that would help women gently and discretely take the edge off.

Meet Our Founders
This gummy has helped me rediscover my best self. The lightly sweetened little gummy calms the anxieties that plague my everyday. It’s a true lifesaver.

Jana T.

Entrepreneur and Wife

I used to dread bedtime…but not anymore. This is the perfect nightcap to help me find my own dreamland.

Candice B.

Career Coach, Mother of Twin Boys, and Photography Enthusiast

Sometimes you just have those days when you feel a little down for no particular reason. This is when I reach for Luxley’s Uplift gummy. I find that it boosts my mood and makes my day a little brighter.

Chanel T.

Boss Lady, Sales Exec, and Wife

I keep the beautiful tin on my bedside table for those times when I just want a little relief from along day. The CBD helps relax my body and the low dose doesn’t overwhelm me. This and a cup of hot tea…pure bliss.

Lynn J.

Financial Consultant and Dog Mama

Thank you, Luxley, for keeping me calm and putting the joy back into my usually stressful early evenings. Instead of erupting at the first sign of duress, I can now handle the non-stop needs of my two young children with a calm and measured demeanor. If they could, my husband and children would thank you too!

Christina M.

Full-Time Mom